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Injured Cena Grants Make-A-Wish Visit to Self

cena visits self


Professional wrestler John Cena, already renowned for his tireless charitable work, went above-and-beyond this afternoon by granting a Make-A-Wish hospital visit to his injured self.

“Hang in there, champ,” Cena told Cena, who was hospitalized after injuring his ankle during a WWE live event last night in Roanoke, Virginia.

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Great Khali Breaks Silence on Cabana Podcast About Why Grraag Nwarhh Smuh

khali podcast

Khali unequivocally stated that he will he will “nuggahhh eggahh” return to WWE, which Cabana (who is fluent in Punjabi, albeit with a strong Illinois accent) translated as “never ever.”

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wyatt medsWyatt Goes Back on Meds, Apologizes for Odd Behaviour

Professional wrestler Bray Wyatt issued a public apology this morning for his peculiar behavior in recent months, assuring fans he is now back on his psychiatric medication and feeling normal again.

“I really went off the deep end for a while there,” said a shaven, showered, and well-dressed Wyatt.

“Sorry about all that. My bad.”

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Make-A-Wish Visit From Bad News Barrett Goes Poorly

barrett wish

“In hindsight, we realize it was not a good idea,” said Randall McPherson, a spokesperson for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

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Dean Ambrose Supports Breast Awareness

dean ambrose tittymaster

When former Shield teammate Seth Rollins attempted to explain to Ambrose that WWE’s month-long campaign is about breast cancer, not just breasts, Ambrose hit Rollins in the face with hot dog and dashed away, laughing maniacally.

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Lesnar Loses WWE Championship at House Show

lesnar house show


Fans who witnessed the match reported that Lesnar looked “tired,” presumably from his endless string of house-show title defences — a gruelling schedule that has given Lesnar the reputation as WWE’s “fightingest champion of all time.”

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Fan Awakes from Coma, Shocked to Learn Terra Ryzing Runs WWE

terra ryzing
After waking from a 20-year coma, avid wrestling fan Terry Greer expressed confusion and dismay at the realization that Terra Ryzing wields executive power over World Wrestling Entertainment.

Greer opened his eyes and saw WWE Raw on the television above his hospital bed — a program his family members diligently turned on every Monday night in hopes that it would rouse him from his vegetative slumber.

In a raspy whisper, the long-bearded Greer spoke his first words since 1994: “Is… is… is that… Terra Ryzing?”

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Sting Mortified to Learn He’s 13 Years Late for WCW Invasion

sting wwe

“Traffic was terrible,” said the enigmatic star following his much-anticipated appearance at Survivor Series.

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Entire NXT Roster Suspended for Using Performance-Enhancing Talent

nxt suspended

“We can’t have these hungry young talents making stars like main-roster Ryback look clunky by comparison,” said WWE COO Hunter Hearst Helmsley during a conference call with media. “He’s doing a fine job of that by himself.”

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Inanimate Carbon Rod to Host WWE Raw

inanimate carbon rod

The rod’s inability to talk or move of its own volition is not expected to impede its guest-hosting abilities, since such limitations didn’t seem to deter Betty White or Kevin Federline.

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The Real Story Behind Why Undertaker Lost at WrestleMania

why did undertaker lose

You’ll have to read the article to find out.