Colt Cabana podcast
The Great Khali (right) explains to longtime friend Colt Cabana the reasons why he praaught graaag.

Former WWE Superstar The Great Khali emerged from self-imposed exile this week to break his silence on Colt Cabana’s “Art of Wrestling” podcast about why he grraag nwarhh smuh, and related topics.

“Prawugh fushna guh,” the seven-foot colossus explained, contrary to speculation that has been rampant on the internet since his abrupt WWE departure.

“Graugh,” he added.

In a brutally honest, hour-long conversation with Cabana, Khali revealed his frustration with the amount of frugnusht and grrrrrrrraul in World Wrestling Entertainment, and even called Vince McMahon a “gugglar rauwaghhhh.”

Until his appearance on the Art of Wrestling, Khali had stayed out of the spotlight — a hiatus euphemistically described by WWE as a “sabbatical” — but felt he could clear the air with Cabana, since the duo paid their dues on the independent wrestling circuits in the American northeast and the Punjab region of India.

Khali unequivocally stated that he will he will “nuggahhh eggahh” return to WWE, which Cabana (who is fluent in Punjabi, albeit with a strong Illinois accent) translated as “never ever.”

The Punjabi Giant has reportedly been in talks with Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, where he will likely join the X-Division under the moniker The Tremendous Golly.

Asked by Cabana whether he feels any bitterness toward WWE, Khali simply replied: “Grugshuggul.”