Brock Lesnar title defences
Brock Lesnar reacts to his shocking house show championship loss.

The wrestling world is abuzz today with the news that Brock Lesnar, widely considered to be an indomitable WWE World Heavyweight Champion, was dethroned Thursday night at a non-televised WWE event in Kansas, losing to Kofi Kingston.

In front of 2,400 fans in a dimly lit arena in Wichita, Lesnar’s reign as champion came to an abrupt end after Kingston hit him with his signature “Trouble in Paradise” finisher shortly after the seven-minute mark of the bout.

Kingston’s upset victory proved the old adage that “anything can happen in the WWE,” and demonstrated that important developments can unfold at non-televised “house shows” (like the time Iron Mike Sharpe scored a surprise victory against¬†Terry Taylor in 1989).

Fans who witnessed the match reported that Lesnar looked “tired,” presumably from his endless string of house-show title defences — a gruelling schedule that has given Lesnar the reputation as WWE’s “fightingest champion of all time.”

Immediately following the pinfall, a dejected Lesnar emitted his trademark pterodactyl shriek, but eventually regained his composure and gave Kingston a congratulatory hug.

“Of course I’m disappointed,” Lesnar said after the match, “but it’s not whether you win or lose, as they say,¬†but how you play the game. I just hope the fans were entertained.”

Lesnar said he will now take some much-needed time away from the ring to pursue his other passion, quilting.