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Bray Wyatt is back on his medication and “feeling wonderful.”

Professional wrestler Bray Wyatt issued a public apology this morning for his peculiar behavior in recent months, assuring fans he is now back on his psychiatric medication and feeling normal again.

“I really went off the deep end for a while there,” said a shaven, showered, and well-dressed Wyatt.

“Sorry about all that. My bad.”

The usual menacing tone notably absent from his voice, Wyatt addressed fans with a prepared statement that was completely free of  cryptic riddles.

“Yes, I have had mental health problems — as I’m sure you could tell from the way I’ve been acting — but thanks to strict psychiatric supervision and medicine I am now clear-headed and ready to resume normal life. Feeling wonderful!”

Wyatt has distanced himself from so-called “Family” members Luke Harper and Erick Rowan, insisting that they are “enablers” who also require psychiatric assistance.

“I wish Luke and Erick all the best,” Wyatt said.

Wyatt insists he has abandoned all illusions of a fictitious sister named Abigail, and the delusion that he has the whole world in his hands. He issued a special apology to John Cena for the repeated harassement, and the two recently enjoyed a nice brunch to make amends.

Some people close to Wyatt were alarmed, however, when he was spotted earlier today apparently following a flock of buzzards.