Daniel bryan goat
WWE’s Creative Team hopes the wrestler formerly known as Daniel Bryan will finally get “over” with fans.

Sources within World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) reveal that the company intends to “freshen up” returning star Daniel Bryan with a new name and gimmick: Braniel “The Goat” Dyanson.

WWE’s so-called Creative Team has reportedly decided that the previous gimmick — a scrappy, talented underdog who defied seemingly insurmountable odds to earn fame and glory — became “stale” while Bryan was recovering from surgery.

The new gimmick will see Braniel Dyanson portray a half-human, half-goat hybrid whose arsenal of moves will be limited to ramming opponents with his head.

Dyanson’s ring attire will be a full goat costume, complete with hooves a stubbly little tail, which WWE honcho Vince McMahon reportedly believes will be “gangbusters.”

TheĀ famous “YES” chant will be abolished (and muted by WWE editors if audiences continue to holler it), and instead Dyanson will communicate only hilarious goatish yelps.

He is expected to begin a feud with a returning Mantaur immediately after the Royal Rumble.