History will remember 2017 as the year that all mainstream media outlets were exposed as “fake news,” and only Kayfabe News remained as the sole source of balanced and reliable journalism.

Our team of award-winning reporters, working tirelessly in bureaus around the world, delivered the alternative to “alternative facts,” and exposed the most important stories behind the world’s most important topic: professional wrestling.

Pulitzer selection committee, here’s your shortlist:

America Turns Heel


Lashley brashly lashes back at Backlash as a mish-mash of trashy squash matches


Sandow enjoying his WWE comeback as “Elias Samson”

Timekeeper apparently thinks ringing bell repeatedly will stop post-match beatdown

Ted Turner buys Southpaw Regional Wrestling


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3 WWE Hall of Famers Who Would Make Great US Presidents


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Curt Hawkins scores huge upset win over Lesnar at WWE house show

Vince McMahon unmasks, reveals he was Ted Turner all along

New merger creates Global Impact Total Action Force Nonstop Wrestling Anthem Xplosion

Net Neutrality Explained for Wrestling Fans

Asuka quits WWE after being summoned home by Emperor of Tomorrow

Sexist women-only Royal Rumble unfairly excludes male wrestlers

Did this pro wrestler make sexually suggestive comments to coworkers in the 1990s?

7 former ECW wrestlers who went on to win the Nobel Prize

You won’t believe what these WCW Nitro Girls look like now!