lashley wweBobby Lashley has lashed back at Backlash, brashly bashing it as “slapdash balderdash” and a mismatched mish-mash of rehashed squash matches. 

Lashley trashed Backlash as an unabashed cash-grab with no climaxes, and obnoxiously balked at Mahal’s ballsy pinfall. 

By crassly bashing Backlash, Lashley perhaps dashed any chances of future dalliances with Vince McMahon’s advanced finances — at least at first glance.

But McMahon is a man who amasses cash by granting second chances, and enhances any talent’s plans to advance if happenstance perchance demands this. 

Lashley can ask Nash — or Mosh and Thrasher, for that matter — if trashing McMahon’s plans earns reprimand, or makes a man more in-demand.  

By rashly bashing Backlash, perhaps Lashley can cash-in, amassing more flashy cachet than that candy-ass who blathers “sufferin’ succotash.”


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