Which one of these Kayfabe News articles is not actually true? 

Shane McMahon’s WrestleMania plunge revealed to be CGI

Shane McMahon cell jump
Shane McMahon’s infamous plummet from atop Hell in a Cell was pre-recorded in a Hollywood soundstage.


McMahon vows to topple UFC with new “extreme” fighting league, XFC

Vince McMahon MMA
Vince McMahon insists the new XFC will become the world’s dominant MMA league within six months.

6 WWE Wrestlers You Didn’t Realize Were Child Stars

Before he got "Big," Cass was best known for being left "Home Alone" to abuse bungling burglers!
Before he got “Big,” Cass was best known for being left “Home Alone” to abuse bungling burglers!

Austin saves America by once again stunning Trump

Steve Austin wrestling
Moments after this picture was taken, a stunned Donald Trump lay quivering, covered in Steveweisers.

Glenn Jacobs to portray Fake Roman Reigns

Reigns suspended
Glenn Jacobs got elaborate, unattractive tattooing in order to portray his new character.

Dixie Carter’s ingenious “invasion” of WWE nearing completion

eric young nxt
The arrival of Showtime Eric Young in NXT means that Dixie Carter (inset) is likely just days away from finally toppling World Wrestling Entertainment.

Young wrestling fan loses spelling bee with s-a-w-f-t

Turns out it's spelled s-o-f-t.
Turns out it’s spelled s-o-f-t.

WWE cameraman diagnosed with hyperactive zoom disorder

wwe camera zoom
Before he admitted he had a problem, he flaunted his annoying zooming skills.

A look back at Roman Reigns’ glory days in Ring of Honor

ROH Roman Reigns
Roman Reigns (left, as “Tyler Black”) was a top star in the Ring of Honor promotion for several years.

Wrestling fan struggling to get “over” with girls

Wrestling lingo
Todd Murphy can’t figure out why he can’t get a “push” on the dating roster.


ANSWER: Trick question. They’re all true. 




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