eric young nxt
The arrival of Showtime Eric Young in NXT means that Dixie Carter (inset) is likely just days away from finally toppling World Wrestling Entertainment.

Sports-entertainment mastermind Dixie Carter is said to be drunk with power as her Machiavellian scheme to “destroy the competition from within” is coming to fruition.

Carter, the evil genius behind Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, has been waging a decade-long “Trojan Horse” attack on competitor World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), infiltrating the organization with her loyal soldiers.

She delivered a master-stroke this week by dispatching “Showtime” Eric Young, a high-ranking warrior in the TNA Army, to join his comrades — Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe and numerous others — in NXT (a porous border in WWE’s defences).

Carter has spent years pretending to be a harmless underdog, deliberately creating the illusion of declining ratings and profits, lulling WWE promoter Vince McMahon into a false sense of superiority.

Once Carter’s TNA troops have completely infiltrated WWE’s ranks — Ethan Carter III is expected to be next — they will topple WWE with a violent mutiny and firmly establish TNA in its rightful place as the world’s premiere sports-entertainment empire.