Christian wwe
Christian was frequently a victim of the “great balls of fire” rib thanks to Edge.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that a new event, dubbed Great Ball of Fire, has been its pay-per-view schedule, its name inspired by a classic backstage “rib” in which one wrestler smears mentholated ointment in another’s ring attire.

The event, to be held July 9, will feature a rare appearance by Brock Lesnar, who was once the victim of the “great balls of fire” rib, which is believed to be the reason nobody has seen or heard from its perpetrator, The Sandman, in years.

The prank was invented by notorious ribber Owen Hart, who realized that it is impossible for a victim to “no-sell” the prank if a little cayenne pepper is added.

Hart once delivered “great balls of fire” to Andre the Giant, who spent the next several hours soothing his colossal burning scrotum in rain barrel full of aloe.

WWE decided to name the upcoming pay-per-view after the prank because, when it comes to force-feeding its audience with an ever-growing list of events, they company really has us by the balls.