Spelling bee girl
Becky Sanderson’s parents blame World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) for her disappointing loss.

Eleven-year-old Becky Sanderson of Cleveland was heartbroken today after losing the final round of the Scripps National Spelling Bee by misspelling a seemingly easy word, “soft.”

Having successfully spelled pharaoh, ecclesiasticism and quinquevir, it seemed Becky was on track to win the tournament with such a simple final word. 

“S-A-W-F-T,” she clearly enunciated, grinning with confidence. “Sofffffffft!”

When a loud buzzer indicated that she had misspelled the word and lost the tournament, she sobbed that the adjudicators of the spelling bee were a “cuppa haters.”

In Becky’s defence, when asked to define the word, an adjudicator replied, “Soft: adjective used by certified Gs and bona fide studs to describe weak opponents such as The Usos.”


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