Reigns suspended
Glenn Jacobs got elaborate, unattractive tattooing in order to portray his new character.

Of all the characters Glenn Jacobs has portrayed during his long WWE tenure — Kane, Isaac Yankem DDS, Fake Diesel, El Torito — none will be as divisive among fans as his new role, Fake Roman Reigns.

Jacobs reportedly signed a 30-day contract with the company this morning to portray Fake Reigns, filling the spot vacated by the real Reigns, who was suspended for unexpectedly grabbing Titus O’Neil.

It is believed that Jacobs, in the Reigns role, will pick up exactly where his predecessor left off, feuding with his former Shield brethren and being unanimously disliked by jaded adult males.

Jacobs is expected to appear next week on Monday on Raw, using a slightly modified version of Reigns’ catch-phrase: “I’m not a good guy, I’m not a bad guy. I’m not even this guy. But I am a guy.”