There’s no doubt that the past year has been the most recent in professional wrestling history. 

For 10 years now, Kayfabe News has been on the scene, providing the kind of hard-hitting journalism our readers demand. 

Here’s a look at some of the happenings that made headlines over the past year: 

11. The biggest AEW signing since Tony Shiavone! 

Former Undertaker signs three-year deal with AEW as The Mortician

10. Wonders never cease! 

Charlotte Flair delivers graceful moonsault that almost makes contact with opponent!


9. This explains why Dominik looks nothing like his “father,” Rey Mysterio

Meet Steve McCullough, the Canadian indy wrestler portraying WWE’s “Dominik Mysterio”


8. Inflation is affecting everyone…

WWE cutting costs with new three-sided ring


7. Amazing finger-painting, champ! 

Meet Billy Reynolds, the talented seven-year-old who designed the new NXT logo!


6. Reunited at last! 

WWE hires Vince Russo and Jim Cornette to run NXT


5. “We give fans what they want.”

Vince McMahon finally loses the last and largest of his marbles


4. Giant Muldoon and Ike Shaw had such potential. Sad. 

MORE WWE RELEASES! Benjamin Brady, the Lexus Twinz, Giant Muldoon, Braxx Sheppard, Randy Orton, Ike Shaw and 6 more fired


3. Does this irk anyone else? 

Saudi prince with $50K ringside sofa looking forward to not paying attention to WWE Crown Jewel


2. It was bound to happen. 

Ted Turner Buys AEW: “I’m back in the rasslin’ business!”


1. And I, for one, prefer the newcomers over Phil Brooks and Brian Danielson.  

WWE debuts Fake Daniel Bryan and Fake CM Punk

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