The downsizing continues at World Wrestling Entertainment, as another batch of sports-entertainers were handed their pink slips this morning including breakout NXT stars like “The Colossus” Braxx Sheppard, Benjamin Brady and Precise Paul Wright. 

Market analysts believe WWE may be preparing for sale by streamlining its roster, which is bad news for released talent like Brandi and Candi Lexus, who looked poised to capture the NXT Germany Women’s Tag Championships. 

Here is the full list of 13 WWE Superstars released today:

  • “The Colossus” Braxx Sheppard 
  • Benjamin Brady
  • Brandi Lexus
  • Candi Lexus
  • Precise Paul Wright
  • Wee Geordie
  • Giant Muldoon
  • Randy Orton
  • Dasher Blitzen
  • Vixen Donner
  • Drew McIntyre
  • Lio Rusty
  • Ike “The Crippler” Shaw

WWE said it “wishes them all the best, whoever they are.”

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