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Jim Cornette (left) will love all the “high spots” of NXT, but will Vince Russo want the talent to slow down and sell more? Time will tell!

The NXT brand of sports-entertainment has been in a state of tumult recently, but its parent company, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), is banking on a duo of proven wrestling impresarios to essentially “save” NXT. 

Vince Russo and Jim Cornette — two of professional wrestling’s most successful, creative, verbose minds — are “henceforth the entire executive and creative staff of NXT,” according to a WWE press release. 

Although Russo and Cornette have had professional and personal differences in the past — characterized by decades of hateful verbal venom spewed between them — they will now have to work together — practically around the clock!

“Bro,” said Russo. “Two sworn enemies forced to work together as a team?! That’s crazy enough for to work, bro!” 

WWE honcho Vince McMahon reportedly told Russo and Cornette to “just get over” their differences, and ordered them to tightly hug for 10 full seconds while he watched, chortling evilly. 

Russo reportedly wants to take NXT in a more traditional direction, with longer-term storytelling and simpler good-versus-evil storylines. Sources say Cornette, however, has an entirely different future in mind for NXT, with racier content, celebrity champions, and “as many backflips per match as humanly possible.”

McMahon has reportedly also reached out to “Cowboy” Bill Watts to be the Commissioner of NXT, in the hopes that Watts will “take care of NXT once and for all.”


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