The recent AEW debuts of CM Punk and Brian Danielson created considerable buzz among wrestling fans, but World Wrestling Entertainment (or WWE, where Punk and Danielson used to work) has an old trick up its sleeve in retaliation! 

At a WWE Live Event today in Topeka, fans saw the debut of two men called Daniel Bryan and CM Punk, portrayed by journeyman wrestlers Steve Lombardi and Ron Hutchison. 

The “new and better” (according to a WWE press release) Punk and Bryan joined forces in Topeka for a tag-team mach, losing in four minutes, 32 seconds to the team of Rick Boogs and Shane Thorne. 

This is not the first time WWE has swapped in a “fake” replacement of an original wrestler. For example, Fake Diesel and Fake Razor Ramon were introduced after Kevin Nash and Scott Hall got hired by Ted Turner’s Pro Rasslin’ Hee-Haw Hootenanny (WCW), and six different wrestlers portrayed the Ultimate Warrior character

Also, the current “Drew McIntyre” is not the original — watch below to see what happened to the first guy!

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