Business just picked up, so to speak, in professional wrestling following the announcement that Ted Turner, the billionaire media mogul and former owner of World Championship Wrestling (WCW), has purchased the fast-growing upstart All Elite Wrestling (AEW). 

Turner’s acquisition of AEW once again puts him in direct competition with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), much like during the so-called Monday Night Wars. 

In a statement clearly aimed at WWE boss Vince McMahon, Turner said: “I’m back in the rasslin’ business, Vince.” 

Turner told reporters during a press conference at CNN that he will not personally oversee AEW, but rather “provide it with enough financial backing that they can hire legends like the Hulkster and Ric Flair to really put butts in seats.” 

Turner said that the day-t0-day running of AEW will be handled by “Cowboy” Bill Watts and Ole Anderson.

The newly rebranded AEW Rasslin’ Hour will air Saturdays at 3am ET on TBS. 


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