Charlotte Flair has spent years honing one of her signature moves — a moonsault from the top rope to the ringside floor — and yesterday she achieved a new milestone by very nearly colliding with her target, Becky Lynch. 

Charlotte’s death-defying moonsault is a sight to behold — a graceful arc of toned, spray-tanned limbs and hair — but its effectiveness as an aerial assault is hampered by her shoddy accuracy. 

In typical cases, Charlotte’s outer-left calf grazes the outstretched arm of an opponent at ringside. But at a WWE house show in Topeka last night Charlotte’s moonsault was almost on target for some hip-to-shoulder contact.

Ultimately, however, Charlotte slightly over-rotated and Lynch flinched, so there was only fleeting contact between Charlotte’s right breast and Lynch’s external occipital protuberance. 

Some wrestling experts believe that Charlotte could increase the accuracy of her beautiful moonsaults if she would take a moment to actually look behind her before leaping blindly backwards from a height. 

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