NXt logo
Billy says his artistic motivations were to make the logo “more colory.”

When the time came to refresh the logo for NXT brand, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) made one little little aspiring graphic designer’s dream come true. 

Billy Reynolds, 7, was given complete artistic freedom to re-imagine the visual identity of WWE’s developmental league — so chose to work in his favorite medium, finger paints and boogers. 

Billy’s mom, Glenda, was none-too-happy about the mess that Billy made of the kitchen table while creating the new logo — but she said she’s very proud of her “little Picasso.” 

The artsy third-grader from Tallahassee said his aesthetic goal with the logo was to “use all the colors.”

Traditionally, the updating of a brand’s visual identity would be handled by marketing experts and professional graphic designers, but Billy was given the opportunity because he has a rare, incurable disease of the duodenum that nobody has told him about yet. 


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