WWE cruiserweight classic
The WWE Flyweight Classic will see the world’s scrawniest competitors square off against each other and against hyperthermia.

Capitalizing on the buzz surrounding its Cruiserweight Classic, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that the world’s best competitors weighing under 115 pounds will compete in the upcoming Flyweight Classic.

Although WWE has traditionally favored musclebound behemoths like Kevin Nash and Heath Slater, fans now demand the kind of fast-paced, high-flying action that can only be delivered by sports entertainers who weigh less than a bushel of apples.

The Flyweight Classic (FWC) will see nearly three-dozen puny and emaciated competitors from around the world do battle against one another, and against a light breeze.

Among the competitors already confirmed for the Flyweight Classic:

According to sources within WWE, if the Flyweight Classic is a success, WWE will target a younger demographic with its long-rumored Toddler’s Division.