Enzo cant teach that
Enzo Amore reacts with shock to the news that G Certification can indeed be taught.

Contrary to the claims made repeatedly by pro wrestler Enzo Amore, G-Certification is now offered as a course at colleges nationwide, proving that you can indeed teach that.

The course outline for G-Certification 101 at Brooklyn Community College, for example, states that students will “earn their certification as a G within one semester of classroom work and practical experience running around like a hyperactive Troll doll.”

Advanced students, moreover, will receive accreditation as bona fide studs.

A circus-training school in Minneapolis, meanwhile, is offering a stilt-walking course that proves you can teach being seven feet tall — also contrary to allegations made ad nauseam by Amore.

To attain G Certification, students are required to memorize and holler nonsensical catchphrases and wisecracks, successfully slide under a rope without getting concussed, and repeatedly misspell the word “soft.”