unexpected cena
As unexpected as a Teddy Long tag team match announcement.

Due to the viral popularity of “Unexpected Cena” videos — in which pro wrestler John Cena’s theme music jarringly interrupts unrelated footage — the clips are now “unexpected” by precisely no one.

A new study reveals that a whopping 93 percent of videos posted to Facebook and Twitter are now “Unexpected Cena” clips, while the remaining seven percent are lingering “RKO Outta Nowhere” Vines.

“Unexpected Cena is the new Rickrolling,” says the study, referring to the bait-and-switch trend of 2008 in which video users were tricked into watching Rick Astley sing Never Gonna Give You Up.

“Except Rickrolling had better music.”

The Unexpected Cena trend has become so pervasive, presumptive Republican candidate Donald Trump promised at a press conference today that, if elected president, he would “ban it completely” from the internet: