wwe demographic
A pair of newborns train in WWE's developmental nursery for their upcoming debut.

Seeking to attract a younger demographic to its programming, World Wrestling Entertainment recently announced that its upcoming Summerslam pay-per-view will feature a baby-versus-baby match.

WWE has reportedly signed a pair of babies — seven-month-old Bobby “Burp Me” Bishop and eight-month-old “Little Ninja” Tetsuya Noro — who will square off in a Soother-on-a-Pole Match.

The company has been skewing to a younger audience for the past several years, eliminating risque storylines and excessive violence in favor of a more family-friendly product.

WWE is now seeking to lure the coveted 0-3 age demographic, in hopes of selling a new line of WWE merchandise including diapers, bottles, mobiles and spit-up rags.

Members of the “newborn demographic” are known to be a difficult and fickle audience, sometimes entertained by bright colors and cute animals, but prone to frequent crying and general fussiness.