ellering nxt
Rocco has been revealed as the latest “Paul Ellering Guy.”

Just days after his surprise arrival in NXT, legendary pro wrestling manager Paul Ellering has unveiled his newest protoge to join the developmental ranks, Rocco.

Wearing a t-shirt bearing the slogan “I’M A PAUL ELLERING GUY,” the two-foot-six Rocco burst onto the NXT scene with Ellering’s arm up his backside.

The scrappy 14-pounder is no stranger to the squared circle, having learned the ropes while accompanying the wrestling’s all-time greatest tag team, Road Warriors Animal and Heidenreich.

Despite being small in stature, Rocco has a big Chicago attitude, and has vowed to win the NXT World Championship (although keen-eyed observers noticed Ellering’s lips moving while Rocco spoke).

According to sources at the WWE Performance Center, Rocco’s in-ring training is progressing well, but some opponents have complained he is a little wooden.