sting czw
Sting says he can’t wait to “carve the f*** out of DJ Hyde.”

Legendary professional wrestler Sting shocked fans worldwide this week when he appeared on AEW programming and was announced as a surprise entrant in the CZW Ultraviolent Tournament of Death 19 later this month. 

Sting (real name Steve Hellwig) was one of the biggest stars in WCW history, and has one of the worst WrestleMania records in history. 

Now the icon will be wrapping his trademark baseball bat in barbed wire, because he is scheduled to battle Rickey Shane Page in a fans-bring-the-weapons deathmatch in the first round of the venerated tournament. 

Sting is arguably the biggest star on this year’s Tournament of Death, which will be be held in a wrestler’s parents’ backyard in Scumna, Delaware. 

Will the Stinger Splash and Scorpion Death Lock be any match for thumbtacks, light tubes and hepatitis? 


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