sting sign with WWE
Sting (right) and RoboCop are expected to debut on Smackdown this week.

After months of rumors and speculation, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today that it has signed legendary professional wrestler Sting and, as an added bonus, his friend RoboCop.

Sting is one of the last iconic stars of the 1980s and 1990s never to have wrestled for WWE, while RoboCop is a cyborg law enforcement officer created by malevolent Detroit mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products.

Whereas Sting skyrocketed to superstardom thanks to his ubiquitous facepaint, muscular physique and legendary battles with Ric Flair, RoboCop was assembled from the dying remains of Officer Alex J. Murphy, who was brutally gunned down by the gang of ruthless criminal Clarence Boddicker.

It is believed that Sting and RoboCop will compete in WWE as a tag team, which will be a slightly less laughable pairing than Rybaxel.

Sting and RoboCop forged their unlikely friendship in 1990, when RoboCop rescued Sting from a vicious attack perpetrated by the dastardly Four Horsemen at WCW’s Capital Combat pay-per-view.

Although RoboCop’s allegiance to Sting was never adequately explained, many experts believe the remnants of human emotions that lurk within RoboCop’s circuitry enabled him to feel empathy for Sting. Either that, or Vince Russo booked it.

It is believed that Sting and RoboCop will compete for the Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 31 against Big Show and ED-209.