Sting will hone his skills in WWE’s developmental league, NXT.

Professional wrestler Sting has been signed to World Wrestling Entertainment’s “developmental” system, allowing him to hone his fledgling skills in NXT.

The promising but unproven rookie will immediately begin training at the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, where he will learn fundamental skills like how to “bump” and “sell” and “put big stars over.”

Sting was last seen in the backwoods independent promotion Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling.

His training in WWE’s developmental territory will largely focus on “unlearning a lot of what he picked up in TNA,” according to NXT trainer Bill DeMott.

“This Sting kid seems to have that intangible ‘it factor,'” said DeMott. “But he’s nowhere near ready for the main roster.”

Although Sting has some rudimentary skills, a unique look, and roughly 35 years of in-ring experience behind him, it is unlikely he’ll earn a “spot” on the main WWE roster anytime before 2016. When that happens, he will likely be given the name “Spikey McBumblebee.”

Sting has reportedly told friends he would someday like to face The Undertaker, but he’ll first have to get past the likes of Bo Dallas.


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