Sting WWE
Professional wrestler Sting says he is humbled to even be mentioned in the same breath as Drew Carey.

After a legendary career spanning more than three decades, Sting will finally be immortalized in the WWE Hall of Fame alongside such luminaries as Donald Trump and Bob Eucker.

Sting, who helped skyrocket Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling to industry dominance after his short but unremarkable WCW tenure, said he is “deeply honored” to be joining the likes of Koko B. Ware and Drew Carey in the pro wrestling pantheon.

“It’s humbling to be considered in the same league as Mr. T,” Sting told reporters.

“My lifelong dream has been to contribute as much to the professional wrestling business as William ‘Refrigerator’ Perry.”

Although Sting never quite attained the in-ring technical ability of, say, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, he is considered by many wrestling pundits to be at least as influential in sports-entertainment as Pete Rose.

Although details are not yet confirmed, it is believed Sting will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Robocop.