Since his professional wrestling debut in 1985, Sting has performed countless dangerous stunts — including a recent ladder dive — in futile attempts to make indifferent fans take notice.

Sting has never been able to “get over” with fans, whether with spiked blond hair or emulating The Crow or jumping off of tall ladders onto opponents lying on tables.

For a period of his career, Sting tried to get over by descending from the rafters with a baseball bat, and he even tried being the bassist and vocalist of a pop band called The Police — but he never found success or fame.

Sting, 74, was reportedly paid $15 and three hot dogs for his latest stint in AEW, which is the most money he has earned since playing a Joker character in AEW.

Sting’s best year in wrestling was 1991, when he landed at #473 on the PWI 500.


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