Sting undertaker wrestlemania
Sting (far left) stands beside the Undertaker.

Legendary professional wrestler Sting has confirmed that, after much speculation, he will indeed face the Undertaker when he attends a family funeral next week.

Sting, a former WCW and TNA heavyweight champion, reported that he will be meeting the Undertaker in order to pay for the funeral costs of his great aunt, the late Gladys Borden.

It has been speculated for some time that Sting would eventually come face-to-face with Undertaker, since he is the only member of the Borden family able to afford the fancy headstone and casket that Gladys requested with her dying breath.

The Undertaker — 72-year-old Reginald McPhail, proprietor of McPhail’s Funeral Home in Tampa — is a kind, soft-spoken man known for his ability to bring comfort to grieving family members in their time of need.

Sting is expected to return to professional wrestling once his great aunt’s estate is settled, but will likely only wrestle a handful of TNA matches before retiring for good by the end of 2013.

In unrelated wrestling news, WWE announced today that wrestler The Undertaker will face Triple-H at WrestleMania.