Legendary sports-entertainer Hulk Hogan (real name Terri Balboa) boasted for decades about his “24-inch pythons,” but the septuagenarian surreptitiously switched to metric to tout his “46-centimeter anacondas.”

While flexing his muscles to small gaggle of confused tourists outside a Clearwater Beach Applebee’s, the former WWE champion asked nobody in particular what they were “gonna do” when the “46-centimeter anacondas run wild on youuuu, like the metric system has run wild in most of the civilized world except the United States.”

When one of the onlookers pointed out that 46 centimeters is only roughly 18 inches — mere worms compared to his formerly famous 24-inch pythons —  Hogan changed the subject to the years he spent playing bass for System of a Down, then announced his bid for the US presidency.

Hogan then repeatedly told his brother something, while once again ignoring his sister.

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