Helga Hogan, younger sister of legendary grappler and movie star Hulk Hogan, reveals in a spicy new tell-all memoir that, all of her life, the famous wrestler never told her anything. 

“He always told everything to our big brother,” writes Helga Hogan, referring the eldest of the three Hogan siblings, Ralph Hogan, now 73. 

“Hulk was constantly begging Ralph to hear him out. Ever since he was a toddler — a ripped, orange toddler — Hulk always saying ‘Let me tell you something, brother,” recalls Helen in her just-published autobiography, The Forgotten Hogan Sibling. 

“Oh, how I yearned to hear my brother Hulk utter words, just once, ‘Let me tell you something, sister,'” Helga writes. “But alas, Hulk never tells me shit.”

Eldest brother Ralph Hogan supports Helga, and recently confessed that he wishes Hulk would stop asking to tell him something

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