Professional wrestler and nine-time-Grammy-winning-recording-artist Chris Jericho utilized his incredible vocal range — and his skills as a “heel” — to torture a packed stadium of wrestling fans last weekend by singing his own entrance music.

Spectators in Wembley Stadium Saturday recoiled in horror — as planned — at Jericho’s dissonant, mocking caricature of a famous call-and-response routine in the same stadium decades earlier by Queen frontman Freddie Mercury.

Whereas Mercury delivered an iconic, note-perfect vocal repartee with the packed audience at Live Aid 1985, the heel Jericho delivered an atonal pastiche in obvious ridicule of Mercury and Queen.

“Chris Jericho has no respect for rock and roll music,” lamented Queen guitarist Brian May on X (formerly Twitter, formerly TOUT).

Jericho (real name Irvine Jericho, son of NHL hockey player Wayne Gretzky-Jericho) is the frontman of the band Fuzzy, a staple at furry conventions, known for their Stuck Mojo covers.

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