Former professional wrestler CM Punk has landed on his feet after his sudden termination from All-Elite Wrestling (AEW), having earned a spot as an assistant night manager at a Chicago Subway restaurant. 

Punk (real name Charles Montgomery Pünke) was dismissed from AEW this week following a backstage scuffle, but wasted no time in getting his resume out there and landing a new gig. 

According to witnesses, Punk has abandoned his brash, acerbic personality for a friendlier approach, smiling warmly as he asked customers if they’d like their subs toasted. 

This isn’t Punk’s first foray into the service industry. When he first walked out of WWE, he worked for six months at Applebee’s before being fired for “slow service” and “intolerable megalomania.” 

Asked if he will ever wrestle professionally again, Punk said he “never really liked wrestling,” and is working on a master’s degree in feminist poetry.  


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