The Undertaker is one of the most dominant and enduring professional sports-entertainers of all time, so World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is injecting new life into the “Deadman” by recruiting a young star to continue the character as Undertaker 2.0. 

The company announced this morning that the hunt for a new Undertaker will be chronicled on a reality TV program on the WWE Network called “Taker Search,” on which 12 hopeful contestants will vie for the title of “The New Phenom.”

The winner of the show will earn a spot on the WWE roster as “Undertaker 2.0,” filling the large boots of the previous portrayer of the role, Cab Calaway. 

On each episode, contestants will battle in a series of challenges designed to find the next perfect Undertaker, such as balancing on a tightrope (to emulate the “old school” maneuver) and walking extremely slowly. 

In the “spirit of equity and inclusion,” the 12 contestants reportedly include six women, two trans women, four refugees, two quadruple-amputees, one person who identifies as an alpaca, and no tall white men. 

Among the contenders announced thus far for Taker Search: Tamina, Little Jimmy, Jaden Pinkett-Smith, Lizzo, Becky Lynch, and an unemployed former sandwich artist from Tallahassee named Terry. 




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