Legendary sports-entertainer Ric Flair said yesterday that he has “enough gas left in the tank” to pursue “one more chance at being the best in the business by beating the best.”

Flair made the bold statement in a video released on YouTube, which mostly depicted Flair dancing, alone and wobbily, to “Margaritaville” at a TGI Fridays, and periodically pointing flirty finger-guns at leathery midsixties women at nearby tables. 

In the video, Flair can be heard boasting that he could “headline WrestleMania 40” if he “wanted to,” but he wants to “show those AEW kids how it’s really done.” 

Flair, 83, officially retired from wrestling in 2008, and then again a bunch of times since.

Flair (real name Richard Blood) is perhaps best known for inventing the classic wrestling catch-phrase: “Woo woo woo, you know it.” 

Here he is training for his return against “Black Machismo” Jay Strongbow:


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