wwe don't try this
WWE has launched a controversial new campaign urging young people to attempt the dangerous moves they see in the ring.

In a surprising reversal of longstanding policy, WWE launched this week a controversial campaign telling young fans: “Sure, Try This at Home.”

A 30-second announcement will be broadcast before every episode of WWE programming, urging children and teens to emulate the dangerous maneuvers performed by WWE superstars.

“Bodies have been bruised, necks broken,” intones a narrator. “Sounds pretty exciting, huh?”

The public service announcement also features a familiar soundbite of WWE commentator Jim Ross exclaiming “How do you learn to fall off a 20-foot ladder?” Then Ross adds: “Trial and error, that’s how. Go for it!”

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon said the company has abandoned the traditional “Don’t Try This at Home” message because it imposed unconstitutional restrictions and limits on young people.

“We are an entertainment company, not a nanny,” said McMahon.

“It’s not our job to prevent children — the next generation of potential WWE superstars — from pursuing athletic activities.”

The new policy comes on the heels of WWE’s equally controversial¬†pro-bullying campaign.