Tensai Albert
Tensai’s lordship has been officially revoked by Japan after repeated acts of bad dancing.

Citing “dishonorable conduct unbefitting of a lord,” the nation of Japan has stripped Tensai of his lordship, thus demoting him to the rank of a common citizen.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced yesterday in the Tokyo Parliament that “upon review of Tensai’s shameful dancing alongside Brodus Clay,” the nation of Japan had “no choice” but to officially revoke his honorific title of “Lord.”

Tensai, who voluntarily stopped using the term “Lord” months ago, seems eager to sever his ties with Japan, where he was once a respected warrior of samurai descent.

He has begun using the monicker “Sweet T” as a way to further distance himself from Japan, where the preferred beverage is unsweetened green tea.

Although he was once considered among Japan’s royal elite — and even had his own team of geishas to shave his back — Tensai has completely adopted the traditions and customs of Western society.

Sources within WWE reveal that, over the next six months, Tensais’s name will change to Big T, A-Ten-Train, Prince Al-Train, Giant Bertrain, Nard Dog T, Albert E. McTrain and Mr. Trainbert.