What steve austin
Steve McClusky (white shirt) and other time-travelling wrestling fans from 2001 apparently don’t realize the “What?!” chant is extremely dated and annoying.

Defying the known laws of physics, a group of vocal wrestling fans from the year 2001 have travelled through time to holler “What!?” at present-day wrestling events.

“Time travel is the only explanation,” explained Prof. Leonard Sussman, professor of cosmology at Stanford University.

“I mean, why would contemporary fans holler a chant that hasn’t been current for a dozen years, and was created by a wrestler who retired a decade ago?”

The time-travelling fans apparently don’t realize the chant is outdated and extremely annoying.

Many of the time travellers are known to wear black t-shirts bearing the slogan “Austin 3:16,” whereas all present-day fans (aside from the mentally handicapped) have long since discarded such shirts.

Scientists are baffled as to how the fans have warped the fabric of space-time, and why they continue to show up at Raw and Smackdown every week.

Researchers have attempted to interview the fans who yell the chant, but have discovered that the fans are almost entirely incapable of rational communication.