Divas discrimination
These saucy little minxes in spandex short-shorts demand equal rights, which is so darned cute! 

To rectify what they perceive as unfair treatment, the so-called Divas of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) have launched an online awareness campaign like a bunch of feisty little firecrackers.

The saucy strumpets have popularized the Twitter hashtag #GiveDivasAChance to highlight their demands to recieve equal pay and airtime as their male counterparts — isn’t that the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard?

“Female wrestlers have record-selling merchandise and have starred in the highest rated segment of show,” tweeted AJ Lee, the spokesgirl of the campaign, who is known for skipping to the ring and coquettishly flirting with the actual WWE wrestlers.

Though women have made great strides in pro wrestling — last year they won the right to vote in WWE App polls — some ardent feminist Divas are getting their panties in a knot about ongoing discrimination.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, however, denies any such prejudice in the company. “I have the utmost respect for the Divas and their little women’s lib campaign,” he said.

“WWE provides them with everything they could ever want — nail polish, spray-tan, boob jobs and, you know, chick stuff.”

While many fans have shown support for the #GiveDivasAChance campaign, most admit that they really just want to watch hot babes in skimpy clothes wail on each other.