wrestlemania 31 card
Some wrestling pundits are speculating that WrestleMania might be among the five best episodes of Raw all year.

Fans of professional wrestling everywhere are somewhat-eagerly anticipating WrestleMania, which has all the makings of a halfway decent episode of WWE’s weekly program, Monday Night Raw.

Scheduled to open with a 30-minute in-ring promo by The Authority, WrestleMania is expected to feature a number of backstage skits, a few marginally interesting match-ups, and approximately 450 mentions of the WWE App.

“I can’t wait for WrestleMania — it’s going to be totally adequate!” tweeted one fan who will be attending the event in California later this month. “Maybe some rapper will perform or something.”

While many fans are moderately excited about the showdown between Triple H and Sting, backstage rumors suggest that the match might be cancelled at the last minute to accommodate an appearance by Grumpy Cat, who is the special guest host of WrestleMania.

Much like every episode of Raw, WrestleMania is expected to get pretty draggy during its second hour, only to be briefly resuscitated by a comedy match featuring Damien Mizdow.

And, like every episode of Raw in recent history, the Undertaker is expected to no-show.