wrestlemania 34 crowdWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) hosted its annual WrestleMania spectacular Sunday night, wowing millions of fans with its grandeur, athleticism, and showmanship.

We saw plenty of winners — Daniel Bryan, Ronda Rousey, breakout star Nicholas — but the sports-entertainment spectacular in New Orleans had its share of losers.

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Here they are:

5. Todd Potozsky, Section 328, Row C, Seat 29:

Despite sitting roughly two miles away from the ring, this loser still brought a sign that he mistakenly believed might appear on camera. Even worse, it was one of obnoxious those signs that says “The Guy Behind Me Can’t See.” Major loser.

4. Jim Eccelstone, Ringside, Row A, Seat 34

Although he paid $2,000 for a ringside seat with a commemorative chair, this entitled trust-fund turd spent the entire show trying to see himself on the giant screen and texting his stupid friends to ask “can you see me?” He is always in the front row, always opposite the “hard camera.” Join us in hating this man.

3. Mike Ramsden, Section 121, Row D, Seat 42

This is the pretentious smark who tried on several occasions — without success — to get a “New Japan” chant going. He speaks entirely in wrestling lingo, calls WWE “The Fed,” and only refers to WWE wrestlers by their indy names. Loser.

2. Chad Hickson, Section 550, Row ZZ, Seat 100

This loser bought the lowest-price tickets he could find and, as a result, spent the whole show mistakenly believing he was at a KISS concert. He did, to his credit, have fun.

1. Gladys and Stephen Burtynsky, Section 129, Row K, Seat 23

They brought their son Nicholas to WrestleMania as a 12 th birthday present. Although their son had a fun night — winning the Raw Tag Team Championships with Braun Strowman — they now have no idea where he is, and fear he may never come home.


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