Wrestling fan
Tyler McKinney annoying refers to his replica title belts as “straps.”

Tyler McKinney, a self-described “smark” and avid member of the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC), has the supremely annoying habit of speaking in nothing but “insider” wrestling lingo.

Described by some acquaintances as “pretentious wrestling know-it-all,” McKinney refers to WWE as “The Fed,” says “hood” instead of “mask,” and often drops the term “no-selling” into everyday conversation.

One of McKinney’s recent posts in the Squared Circle forum on Reddit reads: “The Apter Mags used to maintain kayfabe when a babyface was over in The Fed, but when Vinne Mac started selling heel heat after the screwjob, the only way to get over was to work stiff on a jobber with a strong-style puroresu workrate.”

McKinney is reportedly extremely aggravating to sit beside at live wrestling shows, because he shouts out phrases like “hot tag,” “rest hold” and “blade job” whenever he sees such a “spot.”

Friends of McKinney say he might be less annoying if he had a girlfriend, but so far he has been unable to find what he refers to as a “ring rat.”