Terry Pearson only refers to Dean Ambrose as "Moxley."
Terry Pearson only refers to Dean Ambrose as “Moxley.”

Friends and coworkers of Terry Pearson, a 28-year-old wrestling fan from Milwaukee, describe him as a “pretentious blowhard” because of his insistence on referring to WWE performers by the names they previously wrestled under on the independent circuit.

Pearson exclusively refers to Antonio Cesaro as “Claudio” and Daniel Bryan simply as “Dragon.”

“It’s so annoying,” said one of Pearson’s co-workers at TGI Fridays, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Who the hell cares what these wrestlers used to be called in some small-time wrestling circuit?”

Undeterred, Pearson regales his disinterested colleagues with his opinions on how Fergal and Moxley are the solid workers, but they can’t get the kind of heat that Steen does. 

Pearson, whose entire wrestling DVD collection was purchased thanks to the allowance he still receives from his parents, also only refers to WWE as “The Fed.”

He also refers to championship belts only as “straps.”

He was saddened earlier this year when, upon meeting Seth Rollins at an airport, the wrestler refused to sign his autograph as Tyler Black.

Unsurprisingly, he has been unable to “get over” with girls. 


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