TNA ring
TNA Dixie Carter announced this week that TNA will downsize to a three-sided ring.

In the latest of a series of cost-cutting measures, Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling recently downsized to a three-sided wrestling ring.

The move is expected to save the faltering promotion thousands of dollars a year (ring ropes and posts are a major expenditure) but it is unknown how it will affect the overall quality of the programming, which is already flagging.

The announcement of the downgrade to a three-sided ring comes on the heels of multiple lay-offs by the company, including both on-air talent and backstage personnel.

This marks the second time TNA has downsized the ring geometry to stem financial losses; in 2010, the company reverted from its innovative six-sided ring to a more typical four-sided one.

The 2010 ring reduction was undertaken in order to afford Hulk Hogan’s salary.

Downsizing the ring from four sides to three, however, is perceived by many as merely a band-aid solution to forestall the company’s inevitable bankruptcy.

TNA President Dixie Carter, however, remained optimistic at a press conference this morning, stating: “Olympic wrestling happens in a no-sided ring, and it lasted for centuries before getting nixed.”