Every single day, the tenacious reporters and editors at Kayfabe News strive to bring you the pinnacle of trustworthy professional wrestling journalism.

The past year seen incredible occurrences in the sport, from launch of AEW (American Extreme Wrestling) to the fierce brand-war between WWE and itself and another version of itself.

Although every article we publish is a journalistic blockbuster deserving widespread acclaim and awards, here is a shortlist of nine articles that exemplify our commitment to public-service wrestling journalism.

9. Imbeciles speak out

Transgender wrestler has “unfair advantage,” argues imbecile about rigged sport

8. Flair finally finds Mrs. Right

After a lifetime of celibacy, Ric Flair finally has sex

7. Kayfabe News expands its empire

Internet breaks after Kayfabe News launches YouTube show

6. Case closed!

MYSTERY SOLVED! Here’s why Bret Hart spelled out “WOW” with his finger in Montreal


5. Foley faked it!

Fall from cell was “not real,” confesses Foley

4. Punk returns to the ring!

Did CM Punk compete in Crown Jewel battle royal under a Sin Cara mask?

3. Bo Dallas finally gets perfect gimmic

Bo Dallas to be repackaged at The Fiend’s nicer brother, The Friend

2. Lock him up!

Dems demand Trump’s impeachment from WWE Hall of Fame

1. It was Shane all along

BREAKING NEWS: AEW changes ownership

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