Members of the United States Commission on Ethical Sports Entertaining have made the unprecedented move of launching an impeachment investigation that could result in the removal of Donald Trump from the WWE Hall of Fame.

The move for impeachment comes days after a whistleblower complaint alleged that, in a conversation with the president of Bulgaria on Rusev Day, Trump pressured the leader to help “matchka” (or crush) his main political rival “Samoa” Joe Biden.

trump hall of fame
Trump said he never “pressured” the president of Bulgaria to matchka anyone, but if he did it “wouldn’t be a big deal,” then later admitted to it, then denied having even heard of Bulgaria.

If it goes forward, the impeachment will be the first of its kind since the temporary removal of Hulk Hogan from the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 (Hogan was re-instated three years later because reasons).

The movement to begin impeachment proceedings is not based solely on whistleblower complaint about the call with the Bulgarian president; other allegations include:

  • Trump has not passed the most basic requirement for inclusion in the Hall of Fame: the ability to properly sell a Stone Cold Stunner
  • Trump colluded with WWE writers prior to the 2007 head-shaving of the McMahon family patriarch in a “rigged Vince hunt”
  • Trump’s 2009 purchase of Monday Night Raw, and quick re-sale to Vince McMahon at an inflated price, amounted to criminal extortion
  • Trump’s declaration of Rusev Day as a national holiday suggests he is a Russian agent
  • Trump’s 2007 WWE match against Rosie O’Donnell was “a national embarrassment”

A WWE spokesperson issued a statement vehemently declaring that Trump will never be removed from the Hall of Fame, primarily because “the WWE Hall of Fame is not a real place anyway.”


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