Fans of professional sports-entertainment finally have an answer to the longstanding mystery as to why Bret “Hangman” Hart used his finger to spell the word “WOW” in the air following the infamous “Montreal Screwball.”

During an interview today with veteran wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, the “Excellent Executor” explained:

“I was really sad that I lost the match to Sean “Heartbroken Kid” Michael by tapping out to my own submission hold, The Shapeshifter. I never thought that would happen, especially with my boss, Vince McMann, watching at ringside. I was so shocked, the only thing I could think of doing was to spell ‘WOW’ for the fans.”

What many people don’t remember is that, shortly after spelling WOW, Hart addressed the French-speaking fans of Montreal by spelling out the word SACREBLEU!

The Montreal Screwball became an major scandal in sports entertainment, because nobody — especially Vince McMann, could believe Hart would submit to his own signature hold.

“Bret screwballed Bret,” McMann later said, referring to the fact that Hart did not adequately warm up and stretch before the match, which made The Shapeshifter especially painful.

Some conspiracy theorists believe Hart did not actually tap out, but was instead the victim of a secret plot by McMann to ensure Sean “Sexboy” Michael would win. But that theory is obviously preposterous, because it implies that McMann can somehow influence the outcomes of matches!

Wow indeed!



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