Nyla Rose is quietly making history as professional wrestling’s first transgender woman, but does the AEW star have an unfair advantage due to her genetics? Yes, according to small but vocal minority of thick-skulled dimwits who don’t understand how pro wrestling works.

“With all due respect, I just don’t agree with the idea of Nyla Rose becoming champion,” commented one dullard who apparently thinks a wrestler’s physical size and strength, not the creative direction envisioned by the promoter, dictates who wins and loses matches.

Nyla Rose will be “unbeatable,” says half-wits who forget that Rey Mysterio defeated The Big Show.

“I’m not transphobic, it’s just not fair to normal women,” said one self-contradictory dolt who seems to have forgotten that, in the not-too-distant-past, people used to wrestle bears.

If Nyla Rose is allowed to “compete” as a woman, the imbeciles bleat, it will destroy the suspension of disbelief, even though these people have no trouble suspending disbelief to enjoy matches by an undead mortician, a dentist-turned-pyromaniac, a “fiend” in a Halloween mask, and an assortment of other preposterous characters upon which the entire enterprise of modern professional wrestling has been established.

Another social media user argued that inclusion of a transgender wrestler damages the “integrity” of professional wrestling — an argument based on the idiotic logical fallacy that professional wrestling had any integrity in the first place.




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