Steven Seagal wwe
Finally, Steven Seagal will join the ranks of wrestling legends like Bret Hart and Donald Trump.

The prestigious “Celebrity Wing” of the WWE Hall of Fame is getting a landmark inductee this year with the announcement that legendary martial artist and Hollywood A-lister Steven Seagal will join its hallowed ranks. 

Seagal, as true cinephiles know, is the star of critically acclaimed films such as Marked for Death, Fire Down Below, Hard to Kill, Hard to Watch, Straight to DVD, Not Even Trying, and Not Worth Mentioning. 

Wrestling fans will remember Seagal’s legendary feud with Goldberg, which resulted in a WrestleMania 24 match that fans and pundits alike consider one of the greatest bouts in sports-entertainment history. 

Seagal’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame is “long overdue,” writes longtime wrestling journalist Dan Mutzler, noting that Seagal “may be an even greater pro wrestler than Hall of Famer Pete Rose.” 


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